Sunday, May 12, 2013

tested solution for samsung galaxy s3 boot repair

hi to all
i found new and easy solution for boot repair i9300 :
im sure all user understand, how boot repair in new smart phones same as s3 and note2 and elc... , but i found easy solution for s3 ,
plz testing and report here,
but easy solution is:

1. Insert External SD Card to normal phone to copy Bootloader to SD card.

2. Run Odin3 v3.07.exe

3. Click ‘Bootloader’ button and load “GT-I9300_Boot_Recovery.tar

4.Enter download mode with the normal phone(SD Card inserted).
¦ Download Mode : Volume Down key + Home key + Power Key and press Volume Up key.

5.Connect the phone to PC, using USB cable.

6.Click Start button to copy bootloader to the phone.

7.Disconnect the phone from PC.

8.Close the Odin3 v3.07.exe and Run it again.

9.Click ‘Bootloader’ button and load “GT-I9300_Boot_Recovery.tar”,
And check ‘T Flash’ option in the Odin, to copy bootloader to SD Card.

10.Enter download mode with the normal phone(bootloader was copied before), a
.nd connect it to PC again

11.Click Start button to copy bootloader to the SD Card.

12.After downloading, turn off the phone and remove the SD Card.
→ This SD card will be used to recover boot of the phone.

13. no need open dead phone only insert sd card then install full battri or connect power surce then connect i9000 clip and checking lcd......

solution tested bye me, plz checking then report here.

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