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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leaked Android 4.2.2 Firmware for Samsung N5110 Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi is Online brought us a new leaked firmwware, This time the leaked firmware came to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi N5110 model, flashed the firmware to a device to check it and the team reported that after updating the Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi firmware to Android 4.2.2 the device looks a lot faster with more battery lifetime.

You can download the new leaked firmware (N5110XXCMG2_N5110OXACMG2_OXA) and update your device manually, Read our online Guide (How To Update Samsung N5110 Firmware) and enjoy the new Android 4.2.2 features today.


How To Fix Samsung Android Mobile Phones When Hang on Samsung Logo

After the huge number of Samsung Android Mobile phones that come to market every day, And because of the very fast firmware updates for each one of them, We got many requests from friends asking for a guide to fix the number one problem in Samsung Android devices.

A lot of users update their Samsung Android Smartphones by themselves, As the operation is not so complicated and there are a lot of the online Guide about the manual update process, And we have a big collection of those guides too. Also some users use Samsung keis software to perform the update, So we can say there are thousands of Samsung Android devices which are updated in every single minute.

How did you get your Samsung Android Mobile phone hanged at Samsung Logo?

- You update your device using one file update package.
- You update your device using Samsung keis and something happen during the process.
- You install an application and when the device restart it hangs.
- You install a custom rom.
- You delete some system application by mistake.
- You repair your dead device using a JTAG box and after it is alive it hangs at Samsung logo.
- You flash by mistake a firmware package for another model into your device.
- You tried to root your device by flashing an Odin file and after that the device hangs.
- You got the device like that from a friend or customer, And you have no idea about the reason.

How To Fix Samsung Android Mobile Phone When Hang on Samsung Logo:

We will try to give you some basic steps that you should follow to fix this problem whatever the reason is, So you can test them one by one until you fix the hang problem and get the device to work normally again.

- Hard Reset / Factory Reset: First step you can try is making a hard reset / factory reset to your Samsung Android device, We are adding  many Samsung hard reset guides to our How To section, This step can solve your problem especially if you got this hang problem after installing a bad application, Custom rom, Updating your device by one firmware update package and more.

- Try another Firmware version: After doing the Hard Reset / Factory Reset operation you can try to flash the device with another firmware version, Or even try to get firmware files from another source, As the bad firmware files could cause such a problem too.

- Flash your Samsung Android Device using a complete firmware package: To perform this step you need to get a complete firmware package ( PIT, Modem, PDA, CSC files ) in most models, Other models could get (PIT, Modem, PDA, CSC, Bootloader), We provided many complete firmware packages for many Samsung Android Models at our Free Support Section.

If you try the above methods and the device is still hanging at Samsung Logo then you should check the device for any hardware problem.

Notice: Keep in mind that the above fixes can solve a software hang problem and will do nothing when your device hangs because of hardware problem, So in case you know that your device hangs after falling into water or something like that there is nothing to do by flashing, Instead you should work on its hardware to fix the problem.