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Saturday, August 31, 2013

[Latest News] ATF FREE "NO TP", JTAG v10.10 Update!! flash tool download free

Firmware Version Required : 10.3.80

[New ATF Box Firmware]

LogiCore 10.3.80

* Fixed SD Card Bruteforce Communication Bug
* Increased JTAG Activation Time Out
* Improved Toshiba eMMC Handling for ATF Chrome Boxes


New ATF JTAG Exe - v.1.0.1 build 1453
* Added Cherry Mobile Flare S100 Factory Restore JBv45
- Can be used to repair "Dead Boot" Phones
- Can be used on totally blank eMMC or new eMMC replacements


* Uploaded new BIG BOOT Files for Lumia 820 and 920
- Can be used for "USB Flashing Error" after BOOT REPAIR


* Added FREE "NO-TP" Lumia 800 via flashing Original Nokia Factory OSBL Files


* Added Firmware Check notification when flashing phones via FBUS or USB

[Infineon XG223]

* Added LifeTimer Read/Write/Reset for new XG223 phones (501, 309, 308...)
* Improved XG618 Buscheck Detection

[General Updates]

* Added "Restore EEPROM" button in Box Tools tab
- You can use this button instead of using MPROG or FT_PROG
* Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini (as of August-31-2013)

Who will buy this if you can get more in ATF?