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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DB2012 CID52 Unlock Procedure (RESTORE Method)

This steps should work with all DB2012 CID52 phones, but for this description, i´ve used a W200i phone. To apply in another models, just use appropriate files (Drivers and Restore) for desired phone.

1 - Make sure that you are using latest SETool SW version (v0.914030 currently), and your phone must have fully charged battery.

2 - Turn on your phone without SIM inserted. Attatch it to USB (DCU-60) cable and, when prompted, install appropriate drivers (you can find all drivers that you need on "download/software files/drivers for CSCA procedure/" folder on SETool support area).

3 - Start SETool SW. On "Settings" tab, check both "SIGNED MODE (USE SERVER FOR BYPASS/CSCA)" and "ENABLE ALTERNATIVE SECURITY BYPASS" options.

4 - Now go to "Sony Ericsson" tab, select correct phone model and press "Identify". Attach turned off phone to USB cable and hold "C" key. Check if the restoration file is present. If yes, go to step 7. If not, continue reading. Check the provider that the phone is locked to (in this example, phone is locked to 724-05 Claro Br provider), because you will need to use an accepted SIM or a Test SIM during this process. Check the SW of the phone too (in this example, R4JA011 Generic ME) to locate appropriate restore file.

5 - To find your restore file, go to SETool support area ("download/software files/original setool2 rest files/collection" folder), search for it and download file to "Rest" folder inside SETool main folder.

6 - To be sure that you´ve downloaded correct rest file, press "Identify" again and check info.

7 - Now, press "Unlock/Repair" function and attach turned off phone to USB cable holding "C" key. unlock process will start.

8 - When prompted, disconnect phone, insert an accepted SIM card (in this example, a Claro Br SIM) or Test SIM, turn it on and continue holding "C" key during powering process.

9 - When phone is fully turned on, attach it to USB cable. Phone will be found by SETool SW and unlock process will continues.

10 - Normally phone will restart by itself. If it´s not, remove battery, insert on phone again and attach phone to USB cable holding "C" key. SETool will continue to unlock phone.

11 - Now just wait until unlock procedure done. Usually entire process goes on 160~180 secs, but takes 213 secs because i was taking screenshots during process!

Note: If you go to "Games" folder after make this procedure, you will find a new application called "executor". If you are sufficient "curious" and execute this aplication to see what happens without know what are you doing for, your note that your phone will turn off and will not turn on again after this. This application will be used only to minimize boot steps and saving operational time in future works on this same phone. To get phone fully working again, go to "Settings" tab on SETool SW, check only "ENABLE PRELOADER SECURITY BYPASS", than click on "Unlock/Repair" function, attach phone to USB cable holding "C" key and wait to finish process. After this, your phone will be working again.