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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to fix a bricked Nokia Lumia 920

Fixing the 920
Some of you in the forums and comments have been noting that you are getting a "bricked" Lumia 920's after doing a reset. The term is technically not correct here as you can revive the phone with a neat little trick. The fix reported so far was just returning the device to the store, which is far from ideal especially if you bought it online. Thankfully, the Windows Phone Central Forums came through with a trick that should get your bricked 920 back up and running.
The instructions are detailed and concise and include a video to help get you back in the game. Read on to fix it.
Download the following files:
1. NaviFirmPlus 1.7 (new link)
2. Nokia_Care_Suite_5.0_2012.45.4.5 (new link)
Unzip NaviFirm to a directory of your choice.
Install Nokia_Care_Suite_5.0_2012.45.4.5
NaviFirm Directions:
1. Run NaviFirmPlus executable
2. Under Products window scroll down to Nokia Lumia 920 (RM-820) *AT&T Only!!!
3. Under Releases window choose 1231.2109.1242.1001
4. Under Variants window choose your color, in my case for RED i was file (RM-820_NAM_ATT_US_VAR237330_V1_Red (059N5T7)
5. Under files window make sure all the files are selected.
6. Click the Download Button
7. Wait for ALL the files to completely download, the FFU file will be 1.02GB in size.
8. When complete, browse to: C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages
9. Create a folder called Products
10. Create a folder called rm-820
11. You should now have a directory like: C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\rm-820\
12. Browse to the NaviFirmPlus folder you extracted
13. Open the FW folder and then the folder of the firmware you downloaded.
14. Copy the entire folder contents and paste it into the C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\rm-820\ directory.
Nokia_Care_Suite_5.0_2012.45.4.5 Directions:
1. Launch Nokia Care Suite
2. Click the Product Support Tool for Store 5.0
3. Click File
4. Click Open Product
5. Choose RM-820 (Nokia Lumia 920)
6. On the bottom left click Programming
7. Click Recovery
8. You should see the firmware you downloaded and copied earlier under the Properties field.
9. Click Start
10. The software will check the package contents, it will fail to find the phone, and ask you to reboot and give you a button to click retry.
Phone Directions:
1. Plug the phone into your PC
2. Hold the Volume Down and the Power button, click RETRY on the Product Support Tools Window
3. After you feel a vibration in the phone immediately release the Volume Down and the Power button and hold the Volume up button.
4. Continue to hold the volume up button, you will see the software say "Rebooting"
5. After about 15 seconds you will see a top NOKIA logo and the software will start flashing the phone.

Friday, May 3, 2013

ATF First In The World Lumia 920 WinPhone 8 Full Flashing!

ATF First In The World Lumia 920 WinPhone 8 Full Flashing!

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First as Always... and more Lumia Test Phones coming in a few days

Here is the Screenshot:

Here is the Flashing Logs:

Windows Phone 8 Flashing Started
            Windows Phone 8 Lumia Flasher              
If the Phone is ALIVE                                 
  1. Power On the Phone and Connect it to the USB Port
If the Phone is DEAD                                  
  1. Connect Phone to the USB Port                    
  2. Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN and POWER Buttons 
  3. Wait until the Phone Vibrates Shortly...         
  4. Stop Pressing the Buttons...                     

             Basic Phone Information             
SW Version             : 1232.2109.1242.1001
IMEI Plain               : 353680050278169
HW Version            : 6000
Phone Type            : RM-820
Product Code         : 059N5T3
Module Code          : 0205138
PSN Number           : CFQ427726
Manufacturer ID    : RM-820_nam_att_100
Operator Name      : ATT-US
Phone Version        : BuildDate : Oct  1 2012 , BuildType : Draft , HelloString : NCSd for WP8 , Version : 1.18
Security Mode        : Restricted
Variant Information: NAM ATT US V1 White

            Extended Phone Information           
Public ID              : 7CE5F6B1FC9A9277D123CB90A06854C74628FA58
Wireless Lan 0 ID: 34:C8:03:1A:A8:14
Wireless Lan 1 ID: 34:C8:03:1A:A8:15
Wireless Lan 2 ID: 34:C8:03:1A:A8:16
Wireless Lan 3 ID: 34:C8:03:1A:A8:17
Bluetooth ID        : 34:C8:03:1A:3B:4C

               Simlock Information               
NETWORK NAME  : AT&T;United States [GSM]
PROVIDER KEY     : 3101700000000000

Booting Flash Mode Initiated...
Please wait upto 15 Seconds for HW Reset

Boot Flash Mode Successful...

Phone Info Query Start...
Blocks Returned: 0x07 Blocks
Block ID 0x01 : 00241000
Block ID 0x02 : 00240000
Block ID 0x03 : 03A3E000
Block ID 0x05 : Nokia.MSM8960.P4301_ATT.3.2.1
Block ID 0x0D : 0001
Block ID 0x0F : 0301010100000101FF
Block ID 0x10 : 0100030000
Checking SD Card Size...
Card Size: 0x00000000
Checking Platform Security Status...
Platform Secure Boot Status: Active
Secure FFU EFUSE Status: Active
Debug Status: Not Active
RDC Status: Not Active
Authentication Status: Active
UEFI Secure Boot Status: Active
Checking Secure FFU Mode...
FFU Status : 010003000000
Query Flash App Information...
Flash App Information: 020107010C00
UEFI App: 0x02
Flash App Protocol Version: 1.7
Flash App Implementation Version: 1.12
ROOT_KEY_HASH: 00E9427DF118D9E27D098D13BECB6C6C89CE59F4ECCF5549C49BC0DB952A6BB4

Initializing XFP Data Mode...
XFP Data Mode OK!
Sending Image Signatures...
Image Signatures Accepted!
Preparing Buffers for DATA LOOP...
Allocating System RAM OK!
Start Sending DATA BLOCKS...
Finished Sending all DATA BLOCKS!
Exiting FLASH Mode via REBOOT...
Exit FLASH Mode Successful!

Flashing Done!
Total Flashing Time : 00:01:45
Here is the Test Phone:

Trust ATF...