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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Samsung I8000 (Windows Phone) Successfully Change Language & Flash Done

Samsung I8000 (Windows Phone) Successfully Change Language & Flash Done

Flashing Screenshot :


Flash Starting ....

Flash Done Waiting For Device

Flash Done

Here Procedure - Example

Make sure your OMNIA 2 is fully charged. It would be advisable if you do this on a laptop or desktop with UPS. This is to prevent from bricking if there is power failure in the middle of flashing.

Backup everything in your OMNIA 2 including My Storage files. All previous settings and files will be gone after flashing the ROM.

Before you do the below, note that I am not responsible if you brick or void the warranty of your phone. So try this at your own risk.

00. ActiveSync USB connection to your OMNIA 2 must be done beforehand.

01. Download from:-

02. Download I8000HZHIH6 from:-
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03

03. Download OCTANS Downloader v2.0

04. Extract to


05. You should get a bunch of files


06. Install c:\Samsung_CDMA_modem\Setup.exe

07. Extract I8000-HZHIH6.part1.rar to c:\

08. You should get:-

09. Extract OCTANDown_2.0.rar to c:\

10. You should get:-
c:\OCTANS Downloader v2.0.exe

11. Run c:\OCTANS Downloader v2.0.exe

12. From the interface select:-
EBOOT: c:\i8000hzhih6\eboot_i8000hzhih6_hw_40.eb0
PDA: c:\i8000hzhih6\pda_i8000hzhih6_hw_40.nb0
MultiCSC: c:\i8000hzhih6\
Language Select: English (UK)
Phone: c:\i8000hzhih6\phone_i8000xxih4_rev_04.bin
Start downloading immediately: checked

13. Connect the USB cable to your computer and OMNIA 2.

14. Click on Detect button.

15. Once it detected your OMNIA 2, power off your OMNIA 2.

16. Wait for the computer and OMNIA 2 on screen instructions to complete. While waiting, do not pull off the USB cable from your computer or OMNIA 2 and hope there is no power failure or your computer hangs.

17. Done.

Here More Information File Flasher Gide