Samsung B310

Click here to enlarge Using HWK Sams, Select Trident B510 and PRESS READ CODES!!!

UFxBoot V2.2 (c) SarasSoft 2003., Id: 62 CF 1 10
UFS_USB V2.8 (c) SarasSoft 2007., S/n: 2XXXX
HID: AFE3E02E0027009C
HWK: A1.04-PRO1
Licence: True
Loaded Settings from: Sams.ini
1st: 20300815A2000A00A2A2A200A2A220
1st Boot Ok, McuId: 00030021, Rom: 00030021, 13-1.2
2nd Boot Ok, McuId: 00030021, Rom: 00030021, 7-2.0
Fll Boot Ok, Vers: 5.22, fl_sceptreeg_vx100_eval_v24_s05_2.sre
Flash1: Fl_Id: 00010000_227E4200 - Spansion SxxWS256P
Baud Rate Set: 460800 bps
Unlock Codes:

After insert unaccepted simcard and PRESS your code and phone is UNLOCKED!!! 10000000% Solution